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Welcome to the Web Portal! Here you will find Quick Links to all my websites that I host off my VPS. There are all sorts of sites!

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I Create Awesome Stuff

Among this site, you will find a Variety of Services. I try my best to provide a Fast and Quality Services for all visitors who use my services. I Check the servers very often for breaches, and change settings as required.

For a list of my services, please view below.

Finch’s Web Portal

The web portal is a Hub for a link of all services provided by me. All these services are run off my custom coded VPS server in the USA (New York). The services are run through a custom coded Firewall and custom coded server with SSL.

Finch Studio

Finch Studio is a company setup to hold the payments and copyrights of all content made. The company also holds all the legal documents from EULA, Privacy, Legal, and Terms and Conditions, NDA and Contracts. Although Finch Studio is the publisher for all the games developed by the studio.

Fear The Wild

Fear The Wild. An open world Heavy based survival zombie game based a few months after the infection started. Once this site opens, Information, Screenshots, Trailers, Crowdfunding and more will start. The set goal is End of 2019 to start of 2020. More information coming soon!
More info on site


Link Coming Soon!

Corssfire is a Multi small level based game that brings Game-Modes from many games like Halo, Call of Duty, Portal, and much more into one game based in a Futuristic Sci-fi game. Though the game is in Early stages of Development, the game is set to have multiple levels, themes, and time settings to choose from. It will also feature Single Player as well as Muliplayer.

My Online Portfolio

For link Please send an email to [email protected]

This site is a Online live with pictures and more of my work experience in my industry, this includes Server Core Code, Server Firewalls, VPS services and Much More.

For Helping keep this site more open to people looking to employ me, please send an email for the domain link. In the future there will be a code that will have to be entered to view the site. This code will also be obtained on my paper resume or by email request.

My Minecraft Build Portfolio

My Minecraft build Portfolio helps with documenting all my builds designed in Minecraft. These Builds are designed off Mind, TV Shows, Movies, and even Mystic. I try my best to provide builds at the highest quality. Most of these builds can be found on Empire Minecraft, but I have done a few Commissions in the past.

Note This service is now offered as a Portfolio rather than a service now.

Book Exchange Canada

Book Exchange Canada is a Free service provided to College and University Students. Its main sole purpose is to provide students with an easy and fast way to sell books and other course content in a fast and easy environment with other students nation wide.

Note this service is now Archived and stored in the back of server.

Kurashiki City Outpost Forums

Closed – Removed from server

I provide a outpost designed for builders on Empire Minecraft. This Outpost documents all our activity, and allows for easy access to content for all members. This site is updated every day to every other day.

Paradise Outpost Forums

Closed – Removed from server

As a Sub-Leader, I had some space on the server, so I let the outpost host their website. I designed the site, and fully manage the site as it was my own. This service is in use for players to help with outpost related items.

My Test Site

Link Private

This site is one of my main sites where i test any sites before making its own domain. This service allows for a safe and secure area for the use of testing services.

More to Come!

(Updated June 2019)




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