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Welcome to my web portal! Here you will find a portfolio to all the sites and programs I have created or been part of.

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As personal Projects or Company projects, I strive to create websites and services people can enjoy. While doing so, I try my best to make sure others can enjoy and get some feeling of greatness or joy from them.
Below, you will find various Sites, Services and Misc items I Run, Maintain, or an Part of.

Finch Studio Inc.

Finch Studio has been a small project that has been slowly growing over time. Our goal is to create games that are driven by the community and made in a way that the community can enjoy for days to come. The games developed have goals to try and have a quality to the gameplay, code and graphics. These games are Designed in such a way that it helps support everyone rather than small companies.

Fear The Wild

Fear The Wild, is an open world ever-changing hard core survival game. The goal of the game is to create a zombie game that feels like how it would as if were to happen to you today. The game will force you to face your fears as you strive to stay alive. While you play, the map is always changing, always having new threats. Check it out on our site!!

AWS Community Builders

While working within the Game Tech Community, I was invited to join AWS Community Builders, a program by AWS. The Program includes many great benefits, and allows great networking options.

AWS Game Tech Council

While working within the Game Tech Community, I was invited to join AWS Game tech Council. While in this council, I’m given the opportunity to help shape the way AWS Lumberyard is grown overtime. This Program again, is an invite only program.

AWS Lumberyard Discord

During my free time, I run and maintain the Amazon Lumberyard Discord channel. If someone wants to look for Engine support, Engine talk, Game Talk, anything else, they would join the channel for everything. You are able to find links to the discord on all Amazon’s Game tech accounts including their documentation, YouTube, twitter and much more.


This server is run on AWS Services. The services include Mail, web servers, Wiki, forums, git, and a few others. The services allows Finch Studio Inc. to conduct business and keep everyone updated. Everything is Custom programmed, configured and run by myself.

Family Media Server

During my free time, I run and Maintain a 24U Rack Server in my office. This server includes Testing servers for my personal and studio project, as well as a media server. The Media server consists of 1x4U Data Server that stores the Data (Movies and TV Shows). 1x4U Media Server that runs the streaming service, and 1x2U networking server that deals with getting content, caching, images, etc. This server is built by myself, from the ground up and includes several features including backup power, 24 port GB Switch, 3 GB ethernet cables per server, fully cooled system, and Ultra quiet along with ultra low power consumption.

Minecraft Build Portfolio

Site is Archived now

A few years back, I used to run a small business where i designed Minecraft buildings for users. These buildings were of all kinds. I also built many for myself and allowed people to come, visit and view them. Since the service is no longer open, the site is closed, though i might open the site up for a viewing if I have time in the future.


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